54-58CM Arabian Knitted Hat

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Arabian knitted hat, various patterns and colors, size: 54-58CM, usually used for daily wear by Muslims, comfortable and beautiful.

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The colorful Arabian hats are made of high-density chemical fiber fabrics and exquisitely embroidered by high-end computer embroidery machines, and then hand-cutting, sewing, inspection, packaging and other processes. The products are mainly used for Muslim men to worship or wear in daily life. Our company The pattern maker with many years of work experience makes various patterns. The patterns produced over the years are deeply loved by Muslims at home and abroad. They can also be customized according to samples. Now it can produce more than 1 million Arabic hats per month.

▲ Basic Information:






100% polyester, polyester


54-58cm, 21--23 inches or customized


Muslim style




Feng County, Jiangsu

Product name:

Arab hat


White and color


Receive customization




High quality

Hat style:



Very popular

▲ Supply Capacity:

About 1 million per month

Soft white cotton Arabian Knitted Hat. Comfortable elastic open knit and tight knit combination design 100% cotton toe cap. High-quality hand-crocheted Arabian Knitted Hat. There are adult and child sizes to choose from. For young children, we recommend choosing SMALLL for children and XS or XXS for toddlers. Care advice: wash by hand and hang to dry.

Unique handmade crocheted sturdy cotton kufi hat
Limited edition-comfortable and soft feeling
There are 7 sizes, from XXS to 2XL
It is recommended to wash by hand/hang to dry or dry clean
Ideal for bald people, men and women

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